A combination of football and traditional pool designed to combine the skills required for each game whilst being simple and fun for all ages and abilities.


The playing surface consists of a 12ft by 8ft platform with 4 yellow balls, 4 red balls, a black ball and a white cueball. The game itself is similar to traditional pool only you are able to stand on the table and pot by kicking the cueball into the coloured balls.The games are short and sharp meaning there’s no time wasted waiting for your next game.


The Player or team pocketing their group of object balls first in any order and then legally potting the black ball wins the game.


  • The balls are racked with the black ball on the black ball spot.
  • The opening player plays at the object balls by striking the white ball (cue ball) from any position behind or in line with the white ball spot. They must pocket a ball or cause at least one object ball to hit any side. Failure to do so will result in the balls being re-racked. The opposition player re-starts the game with ONE VISIT.
  • On the first occasion a player LEGALLY pockets an object ball then that ball denotes their group. Should a ball or balls of both groups the one colour group must be nominated.
  • If no ball is pocketed from a legal break then the players continue alternatively until such time as a ball or balls are pocketed.
  • If a foul break is committed any potted balls will be ignored. The oncoming player may play any ball in either group. The oncoming player need not nominate.
  • If the player pots the black ball from break, the balls shall be re-racked and the same player re-starts without any penalty.
  • If a ball or balls are pocketed legally, this entitles the player to an additional shot and this shot continues until the player either fails to pot on of his allocated balls or commits a foul.


  1. FOULS
  • In off (cue ball pocketed).
  • Hitting opponent’s ball before their own.
  • Failing to hit any ball with the cue ball.
  • If the cue ball hits the black before all the balls in their group have been potted.
  • Potting any opponent’s ball.
  • Object ball leaves the platform. Such a ball will be replaced on the black spot, or as near to in a direct line from the black spot to the white spot. White ball leaves the platform. The white ball may be played from anywhere behind or in line with the white spot.
  • If a players body or clothing should touch any ball.
  • Playing out of turn.
  • Playing before the ball has come to rest.
  • Striking the white ball more than once.


  • Following any foul the offending player loses their next visit to the platform. The opponent is entitled to ONE VISIT, but the white ball may be placed anywhere on the platform and be played in any direction. The player also has the option of a free ball (opponents group can be hit or potted).


  • If a player pockets the black ball before all of their own group have been potted.
  • A player going in off the black ball with the black ball also being potted.
  • Any other balls potted at the same time as the black.


  • Should any situation arise whereby a legal shot cannot be played then the game shall be re-started.
  • If in the opinion of the referee, neither player is allowing the game to progress the referee may order the game to be restarted.